Meaning of Unchained

English: Unchained
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

to free from or as if from chains; set free.

Definition: 2

a series of objects connected one after the other, usually in the form of a series of metal rings passing through one another, used either for various purposes requiring a flexible tie with high tensile strength, as for hauling, supporting, or confining, or in various ornamental and decorative forms.

Definition: 3

Often, chains. something that binds or restrains; bond: the chain of timidity; the chains of loyalty.

Definition: 4

chains. shackles or fetters: to place a prisoner in chains. bondage; servitude: to live one's life in chains. Nautical. (in a sailing vessel) the area outboard at the foot of the shrouds of a mast: the customary position of the leadsman in taking soundings. tire chain.

Definition: 5

a series of things connected or following in succession: a chain of events.