Meaning of Thine

English: Thine
Bangla: তোমার
Hindi: तेरा, तुम्हारा
Type: Pronoun / সর্বনাম / सर्वनाम

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

the possessive case of thou used as a predicate adjective, after a noun or without a noun.

Definition: 2

the possessive case of thou used as an attributive adjective before a noun beginning with a vowel or vowel sound: thine eyes; thine honor. Compare thy.

Definition: 3

that which belongs to thee: Thine is the power and the glory.

Definition: 4

Archaic (except in some elevated or ecclesiastical prose) the personal pronoun of the second person singular in the nominative case (used to denote the person or thing addressed): Thou shalt not kill.

Definition: 5

(used by the Friends) a familiar form of address of the second person singular.