Meaning of Tax

English: Tax
Bangla: কর, শুল্ক, খাজনা, কার, খেরাজ, মাসুল, বোঝা, চাপ
Hindi: कर, टैक्स, महसूल, चुंगी, शुल्क, परख, आज़माइश
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

Definition: 2

a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand.

Definition: 3

to demand a tax from (a person, business, etc.). to demand a tax in consideration of the possession or occurrence of (income, goods, sales, etc.), usually in proportion to the value of money involved.

Definition: 4

to lay a burden on; make serious demands on: to tax one's resources.

Definition: 5

to take to task; censure; reprove; accuse: to tax one with laziness.