Meaning of Taipei

English: Taipei
Hindi: तायपेई
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

a city in and the capital of Taiwan, in the N part.

Definition: 2

a Chinese island separated from the SE coast of China by Taiwan Strait: a possession of Japan 1895–1945; restored to China 1945; seat of the Republic of China since 1949. Capital: Taipei.

Definition: 3

People's Republic of, a country in E Asia. 3,691,502 sq. mi. (9,560,990 sq. km). Capital: Beijing.

Definition: 4

Republic of. Also called Nationalist China. a republic consisting mainly of the island of Taiwan off the SE coast of mainland China: under Nationalist control since 1948 but claimed by the People's Republic of China. 13,885 sq. mi. (35,960 sq. km). Capital: Taipei.

Definition: 5

the capital of Taiwan (the Republic of China), at the N tip of the island: became capital in 1885; industrial centre; two universities. Pop: 2 473 000 (2005 est)