Meaning of Tabernacles

English: Tabernacles
Bangla: উপাসনার স্থান, অপসারণসাধ্য কুটির, আত্মার আবাসস্বরুপ মানবদেহ, চন্দ্রাতাপে আবৃত আসন
Hindi: तंबू, दलबादल, पात्र, मंदिर, देवालय
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

any place or house of worship, especially one designed for a large congregation.

Definition: 2

(often initial capital letter) the portable sanctuary in use by the Israelites from the time of their wandering in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt to the building of the Temple in Jerusalem by Solomon. Ex. 25–27.

Definition: 3

Ecclesiastical. an ornamental receptacle for the reserved Eucharist, now generally found on the altar.

Definition: 4

a canopied niche or recess, as for an image or icon.

Definition: 5

a temporary dwelling or shelter, as a tent or hut.