Meaning of Seemingly

English: Seemingly
Bangla: আপাতদৃষ্টিতে
Hindi: मालूम होता है, प्रतीत होता है, उचित रूप में, कदाचित, यथोचित रूप से, शायद
Type: Adverb / ক্রিয়া বিশেষণ / क्रिया-विशेषण

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Definition: 1

apparent; appearing, whether truly or falsely, to be as specified: a seeming advantage.

Definition: 2

appearance, especially outward or deceptive appearance.

Definition: 3

in appearance but not necessarily in actuality: with seemingly effortless ease

Definition: 4

(sentence modifier) apparently; as far as one knows: seemingly, he had few friends left

Definition: 5

(prenominal) apparent but not actual or genuine: seeming honesty