Meaning of Sears

English: Sears
Bangla: অসাড় করা, শুষ্ক ত্ত বিশীর্ণ করা, তাপপীড়িত করা, ছেঁকা দেত্তয়া, অনুভূতিহীন করা
Hindi: जलाना, म्लान हो जाना, झुलसाना, शुष्क कर देना, मुरझाना, कुम्हलाना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

Richard Warren, 1863–1914, U.S. mail-order retailer.

Definition: 2

to burn or char the surface of: She seared the steak to seal in the juices.

Definition: 3

to mark with a branding iron.

Definition: 4

to burn or scorch injuriously or painfully: He seared his hand on a hot steam pipe.

Definition: 5

to make callous or unfeeling; harden: The hardship of her youth has seared her emotionally.