Meaning of Scales

English: Scales
Bangla: তুলাদণ্ড, দাঁড়িপাল্লা
Hindi: तराज़ू, सरहना, तुला
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

Zoology. one of the thin, flat, horny plates forming the covering of certain animals, as snakes, lizards, and pangolins. one of the hard, bony or dentinal plates, either flat or denticulate, forming the covering of certain other animals, as fishes.

Definition: 2

any thin, platelike piece, lamina, or flake that peels off from a surface, as from the skin.

Definition: 3

Botany. Also called bud scale. a rudimentary body, usually a specialized leaf and often covered with hair, wax, or resin, enclosing an immature leaf bud. a thin, scarious or membranous part of a plant, as a bract of a catkin.

Definition: 4

scale insect.

Definition: 5

a coating or incrustation, as on the inside of a boiler, formed by the precipitation of salts from the water.