Meaning of Salamis

English: Salamis
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

an island off the SE coast of Greece, W of Athens, in the Gulf of Aegina: Greeks defeated Persians in a naval battle 480 b.c. 39 sq. mi. (101 sq. km).

Definition: 2

an ancient city on Cyprus, in the E Mediterranean: the apostle Paul made his first missionary journey to Salamis. Acts 13:5.

Definition: 3

a kind of sausage, originally Italian, often flavored with garlic.

Definition: 4

an island in the Saronic Gulf, Greece: scene of the naval battle in 480 bc, in which the Greeks defeated the Persians. Pop (municipality): 28 423 (2001). Area: 95 sq km (37 sq miles) Modern Greek name Salamina (salaˈmiːna)

Definition: 5

a highly seasoned type of sausage, usually flavoured with garlic