Meaning of Ride

English: Ride
Bangla: অশ্বারোহণে, ঘোড়ায় চড়া, সাইকেল বা অন্যান্য যানবাহনে চড়া, অশ্বারোহণকাল
Hindi: चढ़ना, सवारी करना, आरोहण करना, सीमापथ, अश्वमार्ग
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to sit on and manage a horse or other animal in motion; be carried on the back of an animal.

Definition: 2

to be borne along on or in a vehicle or other kind of conveyance.

Definition: 3

to move or float on the water: the surfboarders riding on the crests of the waves.

Definition: 4

to move along in any way; be carried or supported: He is riding along on his friend's success. Distress is riding among the people.

Definition: 5

to have a specified character for riding purposes: The car rides smoothly.