Meaning of Retire

English: Retire
Bangla: অপসৃত করা, পশ্চাদপসরণ করা, অপসৃত হত্তয়া, সরিয়া যাত্তয়া, হঠিয়া যাত্তয়া, কর্ম-ত্যাগ করা, প্রত্যাবর্তন করা, প্রত্যাবর্তন করান, কর্মচু্যত করা
Hindi: सेवा-निवृत्त होना, निवृत्त होना, रिटायर होना
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to withdraw, or go away or apart, to a place of privacy, shelter, or seclusion: He retired to his study.

Definition: 2

to go to bed: He retired at midnight.

Definition: 3

to withdraw from office, business, or active life, usually because of age: to retire at the age of sixty.

Definition: 4

to fall back or retreat in an orderly fashion and according to plan, as from battle, an untenable position, danger, etc.

Definition: 5

to withdraw or remove oneself: After announcing the guests, the butler retired.