Meaning of Received

English: Received
Bangla: গৃহীত, স্বীকৃত, আধৃত, আসাদিত, খাত্তয়া, ধরা, বৃত, সাধারণ্যে স্বীকৃত, লোফা, সাধারণ্যে গৃহীত, কলিত, নীত
Hindi: प्राप्त
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

generally or traditionally accepted; conventional; standard: a received moral idea.

Definition: 2

to take into one's possession (something offered or delivered): to receive many gifts.

Definition: 3

to have (something) bestowed, conferred, etc.: to receive an honorary degree.

Definition: 4

to have delivered or brought to one: to receive a letter.

Definition: 5

to get or be informed of: to receive instructions; to receive news.