Meaning of Real

English: Real
Bangla: বাস্তব, আসল, বাস্তবিক, সত্য, অকল্পিত, আন্তরিক, প্রামাণিক, জাত, সাঁচা, সাচ্চা, আদত, অকাল্পনিক, আস্ত, খোদ, ধ্রুব, নিপট, অন্বর্থ
Hindi: असली, वास्तविक, सत्य, सच्चा, वास्तव, यथार्थ
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym: Actual , Demonstrable , Genuine , True , Authentic , Developed , Positive , Unquestionable , Certain , Essential
Antonym: Conceived , Feigned , Illusory , Supposed , unreal , Fabulous , Fictitious , Imaginary , Supposititious , Untrue , Fanciful , Hypothetical , Reported , Theoretical , Visionary

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: the real reason for an act.

Definition: 2

existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious: a story taken from real life.

Definition: 3

being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary: The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up.

Definition: 4

being actually such; not merely so-called: a real victory.

Definition: 5

genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic: a real antique; a real diamond; real silk.