Meaning of Per

English: Per
Bangla: দ্বারা, প্রত্যেকটির জন্য, প্রতিটিতে, ফি, মারফত
Hindi: प्रति, से, द्वारा, के मुताबिक़, के अनुकूल
Type: Preposition / অব্যয় / पूर्वसर्ग

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

for each; for every: Membership costs ten dollars per year. This cloth is two dollars per yard.

Definition: 2

by means of; by; through: I am sending the recipe per messenger.

Definition: 3

according to; in accordance with: I delivered the box per your instructions.

Definition: 4

Informal. each; for each one: The charge for window-washing was five dollars per.

Definition: 5

a prefix meaning “through,” “thoroughly,” “utterly,” “very”: pervert; pervade; perfect.