Meaning of Pedimented

English: Pedimented
Bangla: ত্রিকোণতুল্য
Hindi: जिस (भवन) में ऐसा त्रिभुज बना हो
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

(in classical architecture) a low gable, typically triangular with a horizontal cornice and raking cornices, surmounting a colonnade, an end wall, or a major division of a façade.

Definition: 2

any imitation of this, often fancifully treated, used to crown an opening, a monument, etc., or to form part of a decorative scheme.

Definition: 3

Geology. a gently sloping rock surface at the foot of a steep slope, as of a mountain, usually thinly covered with alluvium.

Definition: 4

a low-pitched gable, esp one that is triangular, as used in classical architecture

Definition: 5

a gently sloping rock surface, formed through denudation under arid conditions