Meaning of Pedestals

English: Pedestals
Bangla: স্তম্ভমূল, পাদবেদী, স্তম্ভের পাদভূমি, প্রতিমূর্তির পাদভূমি
Hindi: कुरसी, पीठ, बैठक, पाद-पीठ, भवन का स्तंभपाद
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

an architectural support for a column, statue, vase, or the like.

Definition: 2

a supporting structure or piece; base.

Definition: 3

Furniture. a support for a desk, consisting of a boxlike frame containing drawers one above the other. a columnar support for a tabletop.

Definition: 4

Building Trades. a bulge cast at the bottom of a concrete pile.

Definition: 5

to put on or supply with a pedestal.