Meaning of Patrols

English: Patrols
Bangla: প্রহরী, পাহারা, পরিভ্রমণকারী প্রহরী, শান্ত্রীদল, চৌকি, চৌকী
Hindi: पहरा, सैन्य-दल, पहरेदार, घुड़सवार पुलिस का सिपाही
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

(of a police officer, soldier, etc.) to pass along a road, beat, etc., or around or through a specified area in order to maintain order and security.

Definition: 2

to maintain the order and security of (a road, beat, area, etc.) by passing along or through it.

Definition: 3

a person or group of persons assigned to patrol an area, road, etc.

Definition: 4

an automobile, ship, plane, squadron, fleet, etc., assigned to patrol an area.

Definition: 5

Military. a detachment of two or more persons, often a squad or platoon, detailed for reconnaissance or combat.