Meaning of Parietal

English: Parietal
Bangla: মধ্যকপাল
Hindi: पार्श्विका, पार्श्वीय, अंगप्राचीर संबंधी
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

Anatomy. of, relating to, or situated near the side and top of the skull or the parietal bone.

Definition: 2

Biology. of or relating to parietes or structural walls.

Definition: 3

Botany. pertaining to or arising from a wall: usually applied to ovules when they proceed from or are borne on the walls or sides of the ovary.

Definition: 4

pertaining to or having authority over residence, and especially visitation regulations between the sexes, within the walls or buildings of a college or university: a listing of the parietal regulations for the law students' dormitory.

Definition: 5

Anatomy. any of several parts in the parietal region of the skull, especially the parietal bone.