Meaning of Papua

English: Papua
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

Papua New Guinea.

Definition: 2

Gulf of, an inlet of the Coral Sea on the SE coast of New Guinea.

Definition: 3

Territory of Papua, a former territory of Australia, consisting of SE New Guinea and adjacent islands: now part of Papua New Guinea Former name (1888–1906) British New Guinea

Definition: 4

the W part of the island of New Guinea: formerly under Dutch rule, becoming a province of Indonesia in 1963. Capital: Jayapura. Pop: 2 220 934 (2000). Area: 416 990 sq km (161 000 sq miles) Former names (until 1962) Dutch New Guinea, Netherlands New Guinea Former Indonesian names (1962-1973) Irian Barat, (1973-2001) Irian Jaya Former English name (translation of Irian Barat) West Irian

Definition: 5

Gulf of Papua, an inlet of the Coral Sea in the SE coast of New Guinea