Meaning of Pacifies

English: Pacifies
Bangla: ঠাণ্ডা করা, শান্ত করা, সান্ত্বনা দেত্তয়া, শান্তি দেত্তয়া
Hindi: शांत करना, शांति लाना, संतुष्ट करना, मिलाप करना, दबाना, दमन करना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

to bring or restore to a state of peace or tranquillity; quiet; calm: to pacify an angry man.

Definition: 2

to appease: to pacify one's appetite.

Definition: 3

to reduce to a state of submission, especially by military force; subdue.

Definition: 4

to calm the anger or agitation of; mollify

Definition: 5

to restore to peace or order, esp by the threat or use of force