Meaning of Our

English: Our
Bangla: আমাদের, আমাদিগের, অস্মদীয়
Hindi: हमारे, हमारी, हमारा
Type: Pronoun / সর্বনাম / सर्वनाम

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

(a form of the possessive case of we used as an attributive adjective): Our team is going to win. Do you mind our going on ahead?

Definition: 2

variant of -or1 .

Definition: 3

nominative plural of I.

Definition: 4

(used to denote oneself and another or others): We have two children. In this block we all own our own houses.

Definition: 5

(used to denote people in general): the marvels of science that we take for granted.