Meaning of Orderly

English: Orderly
Bangla: সুশৃঙ্খল, নিয়মিত, সুবিন্যস্ত, সুনিয়ন্ত্রিত, সুস্বভাবযুক্ত, কর্তব্যরত, পরিপাটি, পরিষ্কার-পরিচ্ছন্ন, শান্ত
Hindi: अर्दली, क्रमबद्ध, आदेशवाहक, व्यवस्थित रूप में
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

arranged or disposed in a neat, tidy manner or in a regular sequence: an orderly desk.

Definition: 2

observant of or governed by system or method, as persons or the mind.

Definition: 3

characterized by or observant of law, rule, or discipline; well-behaved; law-abiding: an orderly assemblage of citizens.

Definition: 4

pertaining to or charged with the communication or execution of orders.

Definition: 5

methodically; regularly.