Meaning of Oneself

English: Oneself
Bangla: স্বয়ং
Hindi: स्वयं, आप, ख़ुद
Type: Pronoun / সর্বনাম / सर्वनाम

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

a person's self (used for emphasis or reflexively): One often hurts oneself accidentally.

Definition: 2

be oneself, to be in one's normal state of mind or physical condition. to be unaffected and sincere: One makes more friends by being oneself than by putting on airs.

Definition: 3

by oneself, without a companion; alone. through one's own efforts; unaided: to become a millionaire by oneself.

Definition: 4

come to oneself, Also, come to. to regain consciousness. to regain one's self-possession; come to one's senses. Also, come to one's self.

Definition: 5

the reflexive form of one (sense 20), one (sense 21) (intensifier): one doesn't do that oneself