Meaning of Old-fashioned

English: Old-fashioned
Bangla: পুরোনো, অচল, সাবেকী, পুরোনো ধ্যান-ধারণায়, মান্ধাতার আমলের
Hindi: पुराने ढंग का, पुराने फ़ैशन का, प्राचीन
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Definition: 1

(sometimes initial capital letters) a cocktail made with whiskey, bitters, water, and sugar, and garnished with citrus-fruit slices and a cherry.

Definition: 2

of a style or kind that is no longer in vogue: an old-fashioned bathing suit.

Definition: 3

favored or prevalent in former times: old-fashioned ideas.

Definition: 4

having the conservative behavior, ways, ideas, or tastes of earlier times: a delightfully old-fashioned gentleman.

Definition: 5

belonging to, characteristic of, or favoured by former times; outdated: old-fashioned ideas