Meaning of Occasion

English: Occasion
Bangla: উপলক্ষ, বার, সুযোগ, সুবিধা, ঘটনা, কাণ্ড, কিশতি, কিস্তি, অনুবন্ধ, কারণ, নিমিত্তার্থক ঘটনা, প্রয়োজন
Hindi: अवसर, घटना, मौक़ा, सूरत, इत्तफ़ाक़, संयोग, ठौर, हालत, स्थिति, अवस्था, वाक़या
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

a particular time, especially as marked by certain circumstances or occurrences: They met on three occasions.

Definition: 2

a special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration, etc.: His birthday will be quite an occasion.

Definition: 3

a convenient or favorable time, opportunity, or juncture: This slack period would be a good occasion to take inventory.

Definition: 4

the immediate or incidental cause or reason for some action or result: What is the occasion for this uproar?

Definition: 5

(in the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead) the coincidence of the eternal objects forming a specific point-event.