Meaning of Nodded

English: Nodded
Bangla: নড়া, মাথা নাড়ান, ভুল করা, ঘাড় নাড়া, নিদ্রালুতায় মাথা ঝোঁকান
Hindi: हिला देना, सिर हिलाना, सिर के इशारे से सलाम करना, सिर का इशारा करना, ऊंघना, झपकी लेना, चूकना, जाने देना, झूलना, झुकना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

to make a slight, quick downward bending forward of the head, as in assent, greeting, or command.

Definition: 2

to let the head fall slightly forward with a sudden, involuntary movement when sleepy.

Definition: 3

to doze, especially in a sitting position: The speaker was so boring that half the audience was nodding.

Definition: 4

to become careless, inattentive, or listless; make an error or mistake through lack of attention.

Definition: 5

(of trees, flowers, plumes, etc.) to droop, bend, or incline with a swaying motion.