Meaning of Narrowly

English: Narrowly
Bangla: একটুর জন্য, কোনোক্রমে
Hindi: बाल बाल, थोड़ा सा, थोड़ा-थोड़ा
Type: Adverb / ক্রিয়া বিশেষণ / क्रिया-विशेषण

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Definition: 1

of little breadth or width; not broad or wide; not as wide as usual or expected: a narrow path.

Definition: 2

limited in extent or space; affording little room: narrow quarters.

Definition: 3

limited in range or scope: a narrow sampling of public opinion.

Definition: 4

lacking breadth of view or sympathy, as persons, the mind, or ideas: a narrow man, knowing only his professional specialty; a narrow mind.

Definition: 5

with little margin to spare; barely adequate or successful; close: a narrow escape.