Meaning of Napoleon

English: Napoleon
Bangla: স্বর্ণমুদ্রাবিশেষ, একপ্রকার তাসখেলা
Hindi: नेपोलियन
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

a pastry consisting of thin layers of puff paste interlaid with a cream or custard filling.

Definition: 2

a former gold coin of France, equal to 20 francs and bearing a portrait either of Napoleon I or of Napoleon III.

Definition: 3

Cards. a game in which the players bid for the privilege of naming the trump, stating the number of tricks they propose to win. a bid in this game to take all five tricks of a hand.

Definition: 4

Louis [loo-ee;; French lwee] /ˈlu i;; French lwi/ (Show IPA), Napoleon III.

Definition: 5

a male given name.