Meaning of Meets

English: Meets
Bangla: সম্মেলন
Hindi: मिलना, भेंट करना, मिल जाना, समागम करना, सम्मुख आना, एकत्र होना, इकट्ठा होना, संतुष्ट करना, भिड़ना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

to come upon; come into the presence of; encounter: I would meet him on the street at unexpected moments.

Definition: 2

to become acquainted with; be introduced to: I've never met your cousin.

Definition: 3

to join at an agreed or designated place or time: Meet me in St. Louis.

Definition: 4

to be present at the arrival of: to meet a train.

Definition: 5

to come to or before (one's notice, or a means of noticing, as the eyes or ears): A peculiar sight met my eyes.