Meaning of Maxi

English: Maxi
Bangla: ম্যাক্সি
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1


Definition: 2

a garment having a maxiskirt, as a coat.

Definition: 3

of the length of a maxiskirt; having a maxiskirt.

Definition: 4

a combining form with the meanings “very large in comparison with others of its kind” (maxi-budget; maxi-taxi); “of great scope or intensity” (maxi-devaluation; maxi-service); (of clothing) “long, nearly ankle-length” (maxicoat; maxiskirt).

Definition: 5

(of a garment) reaching the ankle (as noun): she wore a maxi (in combination): a maxidress