Meaning of Lot

English: Lot
Bangla: অনেক, প্রচুর, ঢের
Hindi: लॉट, खेप, ढेरी
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

one of a set of objects, as straws or pebbles, drawn or thrown from a container to decide a question or choice by chance.

Definition: 2

the casting or drawing of such objects as a method of deciding something: to choose a person by lot.

Definition: 3

the decision or choice made by such a method.

Definition: 4

allotted share or portion: to receive one's lot of an inheritance.

Definition: 5

the portion in life assigned by fate or Providence; one's fate, fortune, or destiny: Her lot had not been a happy one.