Meaning of License

English: License
Bangla: লাইসেন্স, অনুজ্ঞাপত্র, অনুমতি, উত্পাদনের অনুমতি, বিক্রয়ের অনুমতি, অনুমতিপত্র, অতিরিক্ত স্বাধীনতা, উচ্ছৃঙ্খলতা, লাম্পট্য, নিয়মলজ্ঘন
Hindi: लाइसेंस, अनुज्ञप्ति, अनुज्ञाप‍त्र, लाइसेंस देना
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

formal permission from a governmental or other constituted authority to do something, as to carry on some business or profession.

Definition: 2

a certificate, tag, plate, etc., giving proof of such permission; official permit: a driver's license.

Definition: 3

permission to do or not to do something.

Definition: 4

intentional deviation from rule, convention, or fact, as for the sake of literary or artistic effect: poetic license.

Definition: 5

exceptional freedom allowed in a special situation.