Meaning of Let be

English: Let be
Bangla: স্বস্তিতে থাকিতে দেত্তয়া, শান্তিতে থাকিতে দেত্তয়া, না ঘাঁটান, হস্তক্ষেপ না করা, বাধা না দেত্তয়া, ঘটিতে দেত্তয়া
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

to allow or permit: to let him escape.

Definition: 2

to allow to pass, go, or come: to let us through.

Definition: 3

to grant the occupancy or use of (land, buildings, rooms, space, etc., or movable property) for rent or hire (sometimes followed by out).

Definition: 4

to contract or assign for performance, usually under a contract: to let work to a carpenter.

Definition: 5

to cause to; make: to let one know the truth.