Meaning of Intractable

English: Intractable
Bangla: অবাধ্য, অবশ্য, একগুঁয়ে, উদ্দাম
Hindi: असभ्य, बेअदब, अशिष्ट
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

not easily controlled or directed; not docile or manageable; stubborn; obstinate: an intractable disposition.

Definition: 2

(of things) hard to shape or work with: an intractable metal.

Definition: 3

hard to treat, relieve, or cure: the intractable pain in his leg.

Definition: 4

an intractable person.

Definition: 5

difficult to influence or direct: an intractable disposition