Meaning of Innate

English: Innate
Bangla: সহজাত, অন্তর্নিহিত, জন্মগত, প্রকৃতিদত্ত, স্বভাবগত, প্রকৃতিজাত, স্বাভাবিক, প্রকৃতিগত, প্রকৃতিজ, সহজ
Hindi: जन्मजात, सहज, स्वबाविक
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

existing in one from birth; inborn; native: innate musical talent.

Definition: 2

inherent in the essential character of something: an innate defect in the hypothesis.

Definition: 3

originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, rather than learned through experience: an innate knowledge of good and evil.

Definition: 4

existing in a person or animal from birth; congenital; inborn

Definition: 5

being an essential part of the character of a person or thing