Meaning of Informed

English: Informed
Bangla: জ্ঞাত, অবগত, জ্ঞাতা, বিদিত, তথ্যাভিজ্ঞ, ত্তয়াকিবহাল
Hindi: सूचित, अवगत, सूचना जननेवाला, ख़बर जननेवाला, समाचार जननेवाला
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Definition: 1

having or prepared with information or knowledge; apprised: an informed audience that asked intelligent questions.

Definition: 2

to give or impart knowledge of a fact or circumstance to: He informed them of his arrival.

Definition: 3

to supply (oneself) with knowledge of a matter or subject: She informed herself of all the pertinent facts.

Definition: 4

to give evident substance, character, or distinction to; pervade or permeate with manifest effect: A love of nature informed his writing.

Definition: 5

to animate or inspire.