Meaning of Inertia

English: Inertia
Bangla: নিষ্ক্রিয়তা, জাড্য, জড়তা, নির্জীবতা, জড়ত্ব, জড়িমা, মন্থরতা, মান্দ্য, কুঁড়েমি, আলস্য, প্রতিরোধশক্তিহীনতা, বিমোহ
Hindi: जड़ता, जड़त्व, निष्क्रियता, अचेतनता, अक्रियता
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

inertness, especially with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like; inactivity; sluggishness.

Definition: 2

Physics. the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force. an analogous property of a force: electric inertia.

Definition: 3

Medicine/Medical. lack of activity, especially as applied to a uterus during childbirth when its contractions have decreased or stopped.

Definition: 4

the state of being inert; disinclination to move or act

Definition: 5

(physics) the tendency of a body to preserve its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force an analogous property of other physical quantities that resist change: thermal inertia