Meaning of Income

English: Income
Bangla: আয়, উপার্জন, ধনাগম, রোজগার, কামাই, জমা, আমদানি, আগম, আসাদন, পাত্তনা, উপায়, কর
Hindi: आय, आमदनी, अर्थप्राप्ति, लाभ
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

the monetary payment received for goods or services, or from other sources, as rents or investments.

Definition: 2

something that comes in as an addition or increase, especially by chance.

Definition: 3

Archaic. a coming in.

Definition: 4

the amount of monetary or other returns, either earned or unearned, accruing over a given period of time

Definition: 5

receipts; revenue