Meaning of Greeting

English: Greeting
Bangla: অভিবাদন, সম্ভাষণ, নমস্কার, অভ্যর্থনা, শুভেচ্ছা জ্ঞাপন, প্রীতিসম্ভাষণ, আনন্দ জ্ঞাপন, দূর হইতে আহ্বান, অভ্যর্থন
Hindi: बधाई, शुभ कामना,
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

the act or words of a person who greets.

Definition: 2

a friendly message from someone who is absent: a greeting from a friend in another country.

Definition: 3

greetings, an expression of friendly or respectful regard: Send my greetings to your family.

Definition: 4

to address with some form of salutation; welcome.

Definition: 5

to meet or receive: to be greeted by cheering crowds; to greet a proposal with boos and hisses.