Meaning of Filthy

English: Filthy
Bangla: অকথ্য, অপবিত্র, কুতসিত, সমল, কলুষিত, অবিশুদ্ধ, অশ্লীল, আবিল, ময়লা, ময়লাযুক্ত, গ্লান, কল্মষ, অকথনীয়, নোংরা, খারাপ
Hindi: गंदा, अपवित्र, मलिनतापूर्ण
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Definition: 1

foul with, characterized by, or having the nature of filth; disgustingly or completely dirty.

Definition: 2

vile; vulgar; obscene: filthy language.

Definition: 3

contemptibly offensive, vile, or objectionable: to treat one's friends in a filthy manner.

Definition: 4

(of money) abundantly supplied (often followed by with): They're filthy with money.

Definition: 5

to make filthy; foul.