Meaning of Feign

English: Feign
Bangla: বানান, উদ্ভাবন করা, কল্পনা করা, জাল করা, ভান করা, ছল করা, কপটাচরণ করা
Hindi: बहाना करना, गढ़ना, छल करना, स्वांग करना, अनुमान करना, ढोंग करना, झूठा करना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to represent fictitiously; put on an appearance of: to feign sickness.

Definition: 2

to invent fictitiously or deceptively, as a story or an excuse.

Definition: 3

to imitate deceptively: to feign another's voice.

Definition: 4

to make believe; pretend: She's only feigning, she isn't really ill.

Definition: 5

to put on a show of (a quality or emotion); pretend: to feign innocence