Meaning of Exchange

English: Exchange
Bangla: বিনিময়, আদান-প্রদান, পরিবৃত্তি, পণ্যবিনিময়, অদলবদল, পরিবর্ত, এত্তয়াজ, নিষ্ক্রয়, পরস্পর পদাদিবদল, পোদ্দারি, ব্যতিহার, বাণিজ্যস্থান, বণিক্দিগের আড্ডা
Hindi: विनिमय, वस्तु-विनिमय, प्रतिदान, विनिमय करना, विनिमय केंद्र, दूरभाष केंद्र
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to give up (something) for something else; part with for some equivalent; change for another.

Definition: 2

to replace (returned merchandise) with an equivalent or something else: Most stores will allow the purchaser to exchange goods.

Definition: 3

to give and receive reciprocally; interchange: to exchange blows; to exchange gifts.

Definition: 4

to part with in return for some equivalent; transfer for a recompense; barter: to exchange goods with foreign countries.

Definition: 5

Chess. to capture (an enemy piece) in return for a capture by the opponent generally of pieces of equal value.