Meaning of Eliminate

English: Eliminate
Bangla: বাছা, নিষ্কাশন করা, এড়ান, পরিহার করা, দূর করা, বাদ দেত্তয়া, পরিত্যাগ করা, অপসারিত করা, বিবেচনার যোগ্য না করা, অপনোদন করা
Hindi: खारिज करना, हटा देना, दूर करना, कम करना
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable: to eliminate risks; to eliminate hunger. Synonyms: do away with, banish, abolish, eradicate, erase, exterminate, cut out, annihilate, weed out, stamp out, rub out. Antonyms: obtain, get, invite.

Definition: 2

to omit, especially as being unimportant or irrelevant; leave out: I have eliminated all statistical tables, which are of interest only to the specialist. Synonyms: throw out, exclude, drop, delete, except. Antonyms: include, accept, admit, incorporate.

Definition: 3

to remove from further consideration or competition, especially by defeating in a contest.

Definition: 4

to eradicate or kill: to eliminate the enemy.

Definition: 5

Physiology. to void or expel from an organism.