Meaning of Dinar

English: Dinar
Bangla: দিনার, স্বর্ণমুদ্রাবিশেষ
Hindi: दिनार
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

any of various former coins of the Near East, especially gold coins issued by Islamic governments.

Definition: 2

a money of account of Iran, the 100th part of a rial.

Definition: 3

formerly, a coin and monetary unit of Yugoslavia, equal to 100 paras. Abbreviation: Din. a coin and monetary unit of Macedonia and Serbia, equal to 100 paras.

Definition: 4

a paper money, silver or nickel coin, and monetary unit of Iraq, equal to 1000 fils or 20 dirhams. Abbreviation: ID.

Definition: 5

a paper money and monetary unit of Jordan, equal to 1000 fils. Abbreviation: JD.