Meaning of Difference

English: Difference
Bangla: পার্থক্য, ভিন্নতা, অসদৃশতা, তফাৎ, তারতম্য, অনৈক্য, বিভেদ, ভেদ, প্রভেদ, বিভিন্নতা, অসাম্য, অন্তর, বৈধর্ম্য, দ্বৈধ, ফরক, ব্যতিরেক, বিবাদ, বৈসাদৃশ্য, বিয়োগফল
Hindi: अंतर, भिन्नता, मतभेद, भेद, इंतियाज़, विभिन्नता, असमानता, व्यतिरेक, विचार-विभिन्नता, फूट, झगड़ा, विवाद, विचार-विमर्श, शेष, शेष-भाग
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym: Contrariety , Discrimination , Distinction , Inequality , Contrast , Disparity , Divergence , Unlikeness , Disagreement , Dissimilarity , Diversity , Variation , Discrepancy , Dissimilitude , Inconsistency , Variety
Antonym: Agreement , Harmony , Likeness , Sameness , Uniformity , Consonance , Identity , Resemblance , Similarity , Unity

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

the state or relation of being different; dissimilarity: There is a great difference between the two.

Definition: 2

an instance or point of unlikeness or dissimilarity: What accounts for the differences in their behavior?

Definition: 3

a significant change in or effect on a situation: His tact makes a difference in the way people accept his suggestions.

Definition: 4

a distinguishing characteristic; distinctive quality, feature, etc.: The difference in the two products is quality.

Definition: 5

the degree to which one person or thing differs from another.