Meaning of Developed

English: Developed
Bangla: বিকশিত, উন্নীত, কুপিত, উন্নমিত, উদ্দীপিত, উদ্বর্তিত, উপচিত, উঠিত, পুষ্ট, বিকসিত, অভিব্যক্ত, গড়া, বেশ উন্নত
Hindi: विकसित, उन्नत, तरक़्कीयाफ़्ता, डिवेलप किया हुआ, परिपक्व
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Definition: 1

to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state: to develop natural resources; to develop one's musical talent.

Definition: 2

to cause to grow or expand: to develop one's muscles.

Definition: 3

to elaborate or expand in detail: to develop a theory.

Definition: 4

to bring into being or activity; generate; evolve.

Definition: 5

Drafting. to transfer the details of (a more or less two-dimensional design, pattern, or the like) from one surface, especially one that is prismatic or cylindrical, onto another, usually planar, in such a way that the distances between points remain the same.