Meaning of Deserter

English: Deserter
Bangla: পলাতক
Hindi: भगोड़ा, भागू, शत्रु का भगोड़ा, स्वपक्षत्यागी
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

to leave (a person, place, etc.) without intending to return, especially in violation of a duty, promise, or the like: He deserted his wife. Synonyms: abandon, leave, quit; forsake.

Definition: 2

(of military personnel) to leave or run away from (service, duty, etc.) with the intention of never returning: Terrified of the approaching battle, he deserted his post just before dawn.

Definition: 3

to fail (someone) at a time of need: None of his friends had deserted him.

Definition: 4

to forsake or leave one's duty, obligations, etc. (sometimes followed by from, to, etc.): Many deserted during the food shortage. Synonyms: abdicate, resign.

Definition: 5

(of military personnel) to leave service, duty, etc., with no intention of returning: Troops were deserting to the enemy. Synonyms: go AWOL.