Meaning of Deniers

English: Deniers
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

a person who denies.

Definition: 2

a unit of weight indicating the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns, both silk and synthetic, and equal to a yarn weighing one gram per each 9000 meters: used especially in indicating the fineness of women's hosiery.

Definition: 3

any of various coins issued in French-speaking regions, especially a coin of France, originally of silver but later of copper, introduced in the 8th century and continued until 1794.

Definition: 4

(ˈdɛnɪˌeɪ; ˈdɛnjə). a unit of weight used to measure the fineness of silk and man-made fibres, esp when woven into women's tights, etc. It is equal to 1 gram per 9000 metres

Definition: 5

(dəˈnjeɪ; -ˈnɪə). any of several former European coins of various denominations