Meaning of Defect

English: Defect
Bangla: খুঁত, ত্রুটি, অঙ্গহানি, গলদ, অপূর্ণতা, গলতি, অভাব, কসুর, বৈগুণ্য, বিচু্যতি, চুক, দোষ, অপরাধ
Hindi: दोष, त्रुटि, कमी, अभाव, अवगुण, बिगड़ना, बिगड़, नुक्स, भंग, बुराई, खोटाई, ऐब, क्षति, चोट, ज़रब, आघात, ख़राबी, तोड़
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

a shortcoming, fault, or imperfection: a defect in an argument; a defect in a machine.

Definition: 2

lack or want, especially of something essential to perfection or completeness; deficiency: a defect in hearing.

Definition: 3

Also called crystal defect, lattice defect. Crystallography. a discontinuity in the lattice of a crystal caused by missing or extra atoms or ions, or by dislocations.

Definition: 4

to desert a cause, country, etc., especially in order to adopt another (often followed by from or to): He defected from the U.S.S.R to the West.

Definition: 5

a lack of something necessary for completeness or perfection; shortcoming; deficiency