Meaning of Defaulted

English: Defaulted
Bangla: অচল হত্তয়া, অক্ষম হত্তয়া
Hindi: चूकना, बाद पर स्र्पया न चुकाना, पैरवी न करना, अदालत में अनुपस्थित होना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

failure to act; inaction or neglect: They lost their best client by sheer default.

Definition: 2

failure to meet financial obligations.

Definition: 3

Law. failure to perform an act or obligation legally required, especially to appear in court or to plead at a time assigned.

Definition: 4

Sports. failure to arrive in time for, participate in, or complete a scheduled match.

Definition: 5

lack; want; absence.